Intended for precision and high efficient coordinate boring, drilling, milling and thread cutting. The design allows machining of large and heavy work pieces with requirements of high tolerances, accuracy and smooth surfaces.  Milling heads for different usages can be selected automatically.

X axis column longitudinal travelmm4000 + Nx2000
Y axis headstock verticalmm2000/3000/4000
Z axis RAM cross travelmm800/1000
W axis boring spindle travelmm700/800
Boring spindle dia.mm140/180
RAM cross section380x400/400x420
Spindle power (S1/S6)kW37/56 (Siemens, Heidenhain); 37/45 (Fanuc)
Max. spindle speedrpm4000 - Siemens
Spindle torque (S1/S6)Nm430/1720 (140); 400/1600 (180) - Siemens
Spindle gear range2 step, 1:1.5/1:6 (140), 1:1.65/1:6.6 (180)
Table sizemm1800x2200/2500x2500/2500x3000/3000x3000/3500x3500/3500x4000/4000x4000
Max. table loading capacitykg20000~60000
Universal Manual-Automatic Headrpm2.5°x2.5°/1°x2.5°/1°x1°