The V20/5 is a high speed machining center equipped with 5-axis or 5-face milling capacity. The machine is perfect for a wide range of applications such as medical engineering, aero-space manufacturing and Die/Mold industry.  The 2 axis turning rotary table enables the machine to produce complicated and multi-sided parts which reduces the cycle time and set-up procedure.

Rotary table top dia.mm320
X/Y/Z axis travelmm400/560/400
Tilting axis Adegree+120/-30
Rotary axis Cdegree360
Max. weight on tablekg100
Spindle speed rangerpm12000 (std)/15000 (opt)
Spindle motor outputkWFagor: 7.5/13
Tooling fittingBT40/DIN69871/CAT40/HSK A63
ATC capacity (arm type)24 (std) / 32 (opt)
Max. tool lenghtmm300
Max. tool dia. - adjacent station emptymm24T: 130; 32T: 125
Rapid traverse X/Y/Zm/min48/48/48
Cutting feed rate X/Y/Zm/min10/10/10
Max. speed - axis Arpm25
Max. speed - axis Crpm25
Machine weightkg5000


• Heidenhain iTNC 620 or iTNC530 HSCI controller (including software option 1 & 2, DNC function, DMC collision function),

Siemens 828D controller or Fagor 8055i POWER controller

• Hydraulic system

• Central lubrication

• Working space light

• High pressure chip flush system

• Chip conveyor without chip bucket

• Spindle oil cooler for in-line spindle

• Coolant through spindle with high pressure pump 20 bar (built-in type)

• CE Norms

• Lamp of cycle finish & alarm

• Water gun

• Ethernet

• Tool kit, leveling bolts, pads and nuts


• RS232 port

• Portable MPG


• Laser tool setter

• Heat exchanger

• Air conditioner for electric cabinet

• Air dryer for spindle

• Cleaner - bactericide for built-in spindle (essential for built in spindle)

• Motorex / cooling lubricant for built-in spindle

• Heidenhain TS-740 + SE640 work piece probe

• Heidenhain DXF converter opt

• Heidenhain Kinematic opt