VMC-1600 F

VMC-1600F is based on an effective principle of delivering customer value with low investment costs with large working capacity. Axis travels are  X/Y/Z 1600/800/710mm. ISO40 10000-rpm belt driven spindle or ISO50 6000rpm geared head are available.

Table sizemm1800x800
Max. table loadkg2000
X axis travelmm1600
Y axis travelmm800
Z axis travelmm710
Spindle taperISOISO #40 / ISO #50 (opt)
Spindle speedrpm10000 (ISO40/belt); 6000 (ISO50/gear box)
Main motor (conti./30min)-FanuckWISO40: 15/18.5 (std); 18.5/22 (opt)
X/Y/Z Rapid feedm/min.24/24/24
Guide way typeBox way
ATC (option)tool24 (std) / 32 (opt) arm type
Machine weightkg10000


Fanuc / Fagor / Siemens / Heidenhain controllers available

• Automatic lubrication system

• Coolant system

• Halogen work light

• Telescopic way cover x & y axis

• Tool kit, leveling bolts, pads and nuts

• 32 tools arm type ATC

• Fully enclosure splash guard

• RS232 port

• Portable MPG

• Lamp of cycle finish & alarm

• CE Norms


• Enlarged spindle motor

• Spindle oil cooler for ISO40 spindle

• ISO50 spindle taper & gear head with oil cooler option of 32 or 24 tools ATC,

• Coolant through spindle with high pressure pump

• Wash down device

• Chip conveyor & bucket

• Heat exchanger

• Air conditioner

• 4th axis preparation (wiring only)

• 4th and 5th axis preparation (wiring only)

• 4th axis rotary table

• 4th /5th axis rotary table

• Oil skimmer

• Safety module


• Transformer

• Optical scale for 3 axes

• Coolant gun

• Tool setting probe

• Work piece measuring probe