Axile G6

1 Machine, 3 Concepts : STANDARD | COMPACT | APC | MT

Perfect U-shape closed-guideway design with built-in spindle move by 3 linear axes and table moving by swiveling rotary axes. The double symmetric and synchronized axes for best dynamic for the gantry no matter the position for the machining force. The G6 is the best choice in the market for the same kind.

X/Y/Z axismm650/750/500650/750/500650/750/500
Rapid feedm/min363636
V axismm--2.110
V axis rapid feedm/min--25,8
Table mmØ600Ø600500 x 500
APC system--ACW500
No. of pallet--1 to 1
A swivelingdeg.±120°±120°±120°
C rotarydeg. 360°360°360°
A max speedrpm100100100
C max speedrpm200100200
Spindle (std)rpm20.00020.00020.000
Motor output kW25/4025/4025/40
Spindle (opt)rpm15.00015.00015.000
Motor output kW30/4630/4630/46
Tool shankHSK-A63HSK-A63HSK-T63
No. of tools60 (std) / 120 (opt)48 (std) / 60 (opt)60 (std) / 120 (opt)
Max tool diametermmØ75Ø75Ø75
Max tool lengthmm300300300
Max tool weightkg888
Positioning accuracymm0,0050,0050,005


• Spindle with CTS

• Built-in spindle (20,000rpm – grease lubrication bearing)

• Chip conveyor

• Coolant through spindle with high pressure pump 20 bar (with paper filter)

• Water cooling system

• Chip flushing gun

• Air conditioner

• Oil skimmer

• 3-axis linear scale

• Tool-tip Positioning Control (TPC)

• Spindle Vibration Supervision (SVS)

• Axial Accuracy Control (AAC)


• CTS coolant tank with high pressure pump 70 bar

• Automatic spin window

• Workpiece touch probe

• Tool setter

• Automatic tool changer control panel

• Oil mist collector and recycling equipment