Axile V4

The V series high-speed machining center provides Die / Mold solution for high precise machining capability is realized by high spindle speed, fast acceleration/deceleration, and precision contour feed control. Machine frame is analyzed with FEM system to ensure the optimum machine stability. V combines the maximum productivity with reasonable investment.

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• 4th axis preparation

• Spindle oil cooler

• CTS – 20bar built-in type

• Chip conveyor

• 4bar wash down device

• Grease lubrication

• Linear scales on three axes

• Tool-tip Positioning Control (TPC)

• Spindle Vibration Supervision (SVS)

• Axial Accuracy Control (AAC)


• 18k spindle 170mm (E-spindle) Extra

• 24k spindle 170mm (E-spindle) Extra