The most powerful heavy duty flat type turning machine equipped with four box guide ways among equivalent models. Capable to machine work pieces in large diameter by two-step gear box type spindle (Motor power: 75kw, Max. torque: 12,259 Nm) Max. machining length 12m by one-piece bed.

Swing in gapmm1300
Swing over cross slidemm980
Max. cutting length (with turret)mm3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000
X axis travelmm650
Z axis travelmm3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000
Rapid traverse (X & Z)m/min.10 & 10
Spindle boremmØ153
Spindle speedrpm1-735 (Fanuc) / 1-800 (Siemens)
Spindle motorkW60/75 (Fanuc) / 60/84 (Siemens)
Machine weightt18/21/24/27/33/39/45


• Fanuc/Fagor/Siemens Controller

• Helical gears in the headstock

• Automatic change of speed ranges in headstock

• Chuck sliding guard with interlock device

• Travelling front single door interlock with carriage

• Live center built in the tailstock

• Chip tray

• Coolant system

• Lubrication system

• CE Norms

• Levelling pads


• 4/8 stations automatic turret

• C axis and Live tooling

• Y axis / B axis

• Boring bar holder and Boring bar

• Tailstock quill axial force measurer

• Chip conveyor

• Grinding head

• Automatic or manual chuck

• Close or open fixed steady rest

• Hydraulic steady rests

• Probe for tools or work piece measuring