Veliki prolaz kroz vreteno i kruto kućište izrađeno je iz jednog dijela. Linearne vodilice i snažan motor vretena 11/15 kW sigurno nas dovode do visoko produktivne proizvodnje. C- funkcija glodanja je dostupna na zahtjev.

Max.cutting dia.mm210
Max. cutting length (with turret)mm460
X axis travelmm215
Z axis travelmm520
Spindle speedrpm4000
Bar capacitymm65
Chuck sizemm215
Rapid traverse (X & Z)m/min.30/30
Main motorkW11/15 (Fanuc); 7.5/11 (Fagor); 12/15 (Siemens)
X axis servo motorkW1.8
Z axis servo motorkW1.8
Machine weightkg3200


• Fagor, Fanuc or Siemens controller

• Hydraulic turret LS-200, 12 stations, regular type top plate

• Tool holders for regular type disc – 4 sets of blocks for clamping O.D. tools ,

2 pcs of face cutting tool holders, 1 pcs of boring bar holder + sleeve 20mm

• Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck with hard jaw & soft jaw

• High pressure cooling system

• Auto lubrication system

• Work lamp

• M30 program stop light

• Hydraulic unit

• Fully enclosed splash guard with interlock safety device

• Tool set & box, level pads

• CE norms

• Tailstock (with hydraulic quill)


• LS turret with VDI disc (VDI30/VDI40)

• Extra tool holder set or VDI tool holder set

• Enlarged chuck 10” for LT-65

• Extra soft jaws or hard jaw

• Collect unit & collet set

• Automatic tailstock movement by M code or preparation

• Manual or Automatic tool setter

• Auto parts catcher

• Auto open/close door

• Chip conveyor

• Chip bucket

• Power transformer

• Bar feeder interface for bar feeder completed

• Reduction sleeve for bar feeder

• Heat exchanger for electric cabinet

• Air conditioner for electric cabinet

• Safety module


• Oil skimmer

• Coolant gun

• 5 bar or 20 bar high pressure coolant pump

• C-axis