1100mm X-travel with ISO40 or ISO50 spindle taper.  ISO50 with geared head equipped with high power spindle motor offers bigger torque output. Close circuit pneumatic counter weight system with air tank provides excellent performance and stability.  Longer Y-axis and Z-axis travel gives bigger cutting capacity.

Table sizemm1300X660
Max. table loadkg1200
X axis travelmm1100
Y axis travelmm710
Z axis travelmm710
Spindle taperISOISO #40 / ISO #50
Spindle speedrpm10000 (ISO40/belt); 6000 (ISO50/gear box)
Main motor (conti./30min)-FanuckWISO40: 11/15 (std); 15/18.5 (opt)
X/Y/Z Rapid feedm/min.24/24/24
Guide way typeBox way
ATC (option)tool24 arm type
Machine weightkg7880/8880


Fanuc / Fagor / Siemens / Heidenhain controllers available

• Automatic lubrication system

• Coolant system

• Halogen work light

• Telescopic way cover x & y axis

• Tool kit, leveling bolts, pads and nuts

• Fully enclosure splash guard

• RS232 port

• Portable MPG

• Lamp of cycle finish & alarm

• CE Norms


• Enlarged spindle motor

• Spindle oil cooler for ISO40 spindle

• ISO50 spindle taper & gear head with oil cooler option of 32 or 24 tools ATC

• Coolant through spindle with high pressure pump

• Wash down device

• Chip conveyor & bucket

• Heat exchanger

• Air conditioner

• 4th axis preparation (wiring only)

• 4th and 5th axis preparation (wiring only)

• 4th axis rotary table

• 4th /5th axis rotary table

• Oil skimmer

• Safety module


• Transformer

• Optical scale for 3 axes

• Coolant gun

• Tool setting probe

• Work piece measuring probe